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16th Mar 2023

Medtrade partners with Laubscher & Co to address postpartum haemorrhage across Switzerland

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Medtrade Products Ltd is delighted to announce that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Laubscher & Co AG to distribute the revolutionary CELOX™ PPH Uterine Haemostatic Tamponade in Switzerland. CELOX™ PPH offers a unique, CE-certified solution for uterine postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), and Laubscher’s network of Swiss hospitals and clinics will help more clinicians to access this vital solution to help manage postpartum bleeding.

PPH is the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide, affecting approximately 14 million women and causing 80,000 deaths each year. However, despite the severity and prevalence of this childbirth complication, existing treatment options are limited. Therefore, CELOX™ PPH was designed to work rapidly and effectively in any setting, without the need for power, suction, saline or specific storage conditions. Current clinical evidence demonstrates 100 % haemostasis for grade 1 and 2 bleeding (up to 2,500 ml) in all deliveries, and 95.6 % haemostasis for up to grade 3 bleeding (8,000 ml) in vaginal deliveries, as well as a 78 % reduction in hysterectomy rates compared to the current treatment options. The efficacy of the tamponade has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications in leading OBGYN journals over the last 10 years.

Robert Laubscher, CEO of Laubscher, commented: “Laubscher is committed to supplying its customers with high quality medical devices that address unmet clinical needs, and we are constantly seeking innovative solutions. We recognise the high occurrence and poor clinical outcomes associated with PPH, and we are proud to enter into this agreement to progress the field of obstetrics with Medtrade, helping clinicians to overcome the limitations in current standards of postpartum care.”

Russ Mably, the Chief Executive Officer at Medtrade Products Ltd, added: “This distribution agreement aligns with Medtrade’s ambition to make CELOX™ PPH tamponades an essential presence at every delivery across the world. We look forward to working with Laubscher to improve obstetric outcomes in Switzerland, with the aim of significantly reducing maternal mortality rates and improving patients’ quality of life.”

About Medtrade

Established in 1999, Medtrade is a UK-based biotechnology company developing and launching industry-leading solutions to partners across the world. With offices in Crewe, UK and New York, US, the highly experienced leadership and specialist teams are committed to supporting business partners and healthcare practitioners with market-leading solutions across women’s health, wound care, trauma and haemostasis sectors. Medtrade manages the entire product development process through to full product commercialisation. Integral to the success of Medtrade is the continued focus on innovation and a dedicated team is in place. New innovations aimed at addressing key global healthcare challenges such as biofilms, wound treatment, infection prevention, pressure injury prevention and control of bleeding are very much the focus. ISO 13485 certified, we have a successful legacy of providing market-leading solutions to brand owners and our success is built upon an enviable track record of quickly and efficiently supporting brand owners with key or flagship products in support of their strategic marketing objectives.

About Laubscher

Laubscher distributes medical devices for the operating room and related services in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Laubscher acts as a representative of suppliers in the function of Swiss authorized representative (CH-REP), importer and distributor. The supply and quality are tailored to meet current and foreseeable future needs. New solutions are sought after and considered open minded. The creation of surplus value is obtained through modern management methods and equipment. Laubscher acts responsibly and as environmentally, socially and ethically as possible. Laubscher is for employees, clients and suppliers a competent partner and is striving for satisfaction trough fair collaboration.

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