Clinical evaluation (n=35) of chitosan-covered (CELOX™ PPH) gauze in patients with PPH

Uterine packing with CELOX™ PPH for control of postpartum Haemorrhage.

Maul H, Gebauer G, Rolf N, Saade G, Rezniczek G, Schmid B. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2014; 210(1 Suppl 1):S281-S282. [poster presentation]

Case study series (n=35)

  • Objective: to describe 26 months of experience using CELOX™ PPH in the treatment of PPH
  • Over comparable periods of time (26 months) and similar number of births (n=5498 vs. n=6222) before and after the introduction of CELOX™ PPH there was a significant reduction in the rate of postpartum hysterectomies (p=0.011)
  • CELOX™ PPH is a viable option for the treatment of (severe) PPH
  • CELOX™ PPH is easy to apply and can be used after both vaginal and caesarean deliveries and requires no special training
  • CELOX™ PPH is inexpensive compared to other treatment options
  • No complications related to CELOX™ PPH treatment were observed
Fast acting Safe and clinically effective Versatile and Easy to use
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